This is for all those who get a warm fuzzy feeling at hearing the phrase MACD or exponential moving average….Also if you start salivating when you see a confirmed trend. I have wanted to trade on-line for some time and there were only books to read and distant strangers with hidden agendas. I was extremely grateful to meet James Mason through mutual friend and discovered he taught Forex trading.

He has been a God-send. I can’t tell you how many times he has calmed my frazzled nerves and brought order to chaos as to what was happening in the market.

Because of his expertise and guidance I plan to continue to trade for a long time and I highly recommend his services.

John B., Jacksonville FL


I contacted James and told him I only had $1000 to work with. He said that was plenty if I was willing to be patient. I started a trading account with only $200 to learn.

Over the next three weeks I met James for an hour, twice a week to review & improve my personal trading plan. In the last two months my account has grown by over 20% each month! I didn’t know anything about forex when I met James & now I see myself being a full time trader by the end of next year.

Mark K., Jacksonville FL

Excellent technique for scaling in to my trades…doubled my profits.

Mike G., Philadelphia PA

Trailing stop technique works like a charm.

William M., Gainesville FL

Most coaching programs are designed for people with some experience, but I was just starting out and nobody would take the time to show me the simple stuff. James made it easy.

Elizabeth W., Boston MA

Completely changed my charts…

Lloyd G., Jacksonville FL

The freedom to be at home with my kids and still pay the bills through my trading has been a blessing!  I started with a $10,000 account and had run it down to about #4,500 trading stock and options.  I spent about two hours with James and determined that my personality type was better suited to smaller trades with higher profit potential.  I now only use 2 percent of my account at a time and almost double my money every month!

Patsy A., Las Vegas NV

I’ve been trading stocks for over 20 years and took a bit hit a few years back (no surprise). James showed me how to get the same annual return on my portfolio that I was getting before the plunge, and at the same time only have 20% at risk. The other 80% is safely tucked away in the bank.

Vincent M., Dallas TX

No more long streaks of losers with a win every now and then! Thanks!

Julio R., Miami FL

You saved me! I only trade for a couple of hours a day and quit after ten pips a day. Sometimes I’m done in 5 minutes!

Diana M., Jacksonville FL

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