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James Mason, Master Trader

James Mason

Our Approach

Trading properly is NOT gambling! The gambler relies on random chance & hope. A real trader follows a set of rules that are proven.

The vast majority of people, probably better than 95%, who have tried trading have ended up losing money.  Please read the Disclaimer.  They didn’t have a systematic approach, over traded their accounts, or had a  poor money management plan.  It’s just like running any business. You have to manage your costs and profit margins responsibly. Trading Forex or the futures markets is not a get rich quick scheme. There is work involved but in a surprisingly small amount time, a modest amount of money can turn into a full time income with the free time to enjoy it.

Our Story

James Mason has made several fortunes mostly by trading the financial markets, combined with savvy real estate investing. He started in business at age 10, when he founded and published a newspaper, The Driftwood Times, and also ran small printing business.  He made his first successful hostile takeover at 11, purchasing his competitor in the neighborhood news arena, The St. Pete Herald.  His next venture, clearly ahead of its time, was a pet cemetery which was wildly successful until it was shut down by regulators (his mother).

During his high school years at Vermont Academy & summering at home in St. Petersburg, Florida he ran a variety of businesses.  By his second year of college at the University of Florida he had attained a net worth of over one million dollars, largely due to real estate development projects.  While attending  college in Gainesville, Florida he was elected to the Alachua County Republican Executive Committee.  After graduation he was employed with an insurance agency and worked extensively with public school teachers and university professors on financial matters.

In 1980 he attended a Real Estate Securities Syndication Institute conference where he obtained the name of a commodities broker in New York who traded gold futures.  After watching the broker lose money for two weeks, he went to New York to find out where the money went.  He stayed for three months on his first visit and commuted between Florida and New York for the following three years.  He was actively trading Comex Gold Futures until the initiation of stock index futures trading in the early 1980s.  Between 1984 and 1988 he was a registered options principal for several small brokerage firms.

In 1987 Mr. Mason and two partners founded Portfolio Management, a registered commodity trading advisory firm.  The venture was successful and they were short the S&P Index Futures during the crash of October 16-19 when the Dow lost almost half of its value at the low point.  The firm utilized algorithms developed by Mr. Mason and programmed by his partner.  Those proprietary programs actually predicted a major downward movement in the market 30 minutes before the market crashed.

Mr. Mason attended the University of Florida College of Law from January 1989 until graduation in August of 1991.  He was admitted to the Georgia Bar and is still a member of that organization. Subsequent to completing law school and admittance to the bar, Mr. Mason served as a trust & investment officer for First Union Bank.  He founded his own mortgage brokerage business which he operated from 1993 to 2010. During this time he continued to trade the financial markets and invested in real estate.  He accurately predicted the market correction of 2007-2008 and was short the financial markets with an emphasis on bank stocks.

During his career Mr. Mason has counseled hundreds of people on investments, assets protection, and operation of their business activities.  He has also taught a number of people how to trade the markets.  Having spent well over $150,000 of his own money on courses, trading systems and methodologies, and financial seminars he decided to de-mystify the process and train a few individuals to be master traders.

Next Steps…

Call me today and let’s talk about your goals and expectations. Let’s see if we get along…and if so, let’s get you started on the road to freedom.

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